My name is Ita Futran and I am a mechanical engineering student at MIT. Over the course of my education I have found a passion for the intersection of biology and robotics. I appreciate topics such as mobility, bio-inspired robots, biomimicry, and human interacting robotics. I love how versatile humans can be and hope to create modular robots with programmable capabilities.

My studies have been primarily centered about mechanical engineering, but I strongly believe that in order to build something great, you have to have a basic understanding of all the parts. To do so, I have further expanded my studies on electrical engineering, programming, and biomechanics. I am excited to learn more and create robots for people. Please reach out to me at to chat about any thoughts on technology, research, or job opportunities.
Robotics Intern / Part Time Engineer @Axoft
may 2023 - present
april 2023 - present
CPR Robot

programmed a 60 OF robotic arm to perfrom CPR autonomously
jan 2023 - present
Research Assistant @MIT Sea Grant Lab
sep 2021 - sep 2022
Robotics Intern @Macco Robotics
jun 2022 - sep 2022
aug 2022 - present
sep 2021 - march 2022
sep 2021 - march 2022
Research Assistant @MIT CSAIL
jun 2021 - sep 2021
jan 2021 - present